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“Waves of Love” was created from a shot that I took back in 2017 at my favorite body-boarding spot, called “The Wedge” in Newport Beach, CA. The shot is one of the first that I ever captured, and I called it “Half Heart”.   From nature’s perfectly formed half-heart, I saw the obvious opportunity to mirror the image in post-production editing software, and the result was this piece.

For some reason, I never named it. I never added it to my portfolio. I never even offered it for sale or displayed it at any of my showings.  My passion is capturing nature’s beauty in its natural form, and sharing it with others, so I didn’t think this piece was worthy of being in my collection, since it’s so highly edited. 

Well, since my Father is all about Love, and his nonprofit social media movement is called “Love Before Law”, I decided to gift it to him for Father’s Day…  And since then, he wouldn't stop telling everyone about how amazing it is and how he has this incredible vision for sharing it with others.

When COVID hit, we were "quarantined" together in his apartment for 30 days straight together. He invited me to start WOLI with him, but my passion is staying in nature and capturing more art, so I’ve licensed it to him to use. While my Dad is the one who named the piece, he asked me to describe my favorite aspect of it. What I love most about this piece is that the image actually has four hearts in it, not just one, and the droplets of water represent both the intensity, as well as the majestic spirituality of water in motion. I hope you love and enjoy the “Waves of Love” image as much as I loved creating and sharing it.

Jared Weintraub,

Jared Weintraub Photography

From the Founder

"As a Shamanic energy healer and Reiki Master, I am always inherently aware that everything is comprised of energy. Sound travels in waves. The wind moves water on the ocean in waves. Fans express their excitement in stadiums in waves. And certainly, FEAR moves in waves. But what about love? Love moves in waves as well... and it can be felt from anywhere. In our culture, we often say to someone, "send them love from me." Well, what does that really mean? What is the intention behind our words when we say that phrase? How much do we really mean it? "Waves of Love" captures the essence of what I know to be the essentials of love. The power, grace, beauty and strength conveyed in the water. And just like this image was created when Jared mirrored the "Half Heart" single-wave image to form a perfect whole heart, it represents the symbolism that it takes two to completely convey and/or experience love. Love is an expression and it needs to be shared. Even with self love, I believe it takes two... Our Creator and Us." 

The frequency of the heart chakra (the energy center that corresponds with "love") is 528 Hz. and it is often referred to as the “LOVE frequency."  We hope that you can feel our love when you receive your own Waves of Love or gift one to someone whom you love.

From our heart, to yours,

Stu Weintraub, Founder


"Waves of Love" image Copyright © 2020 Jared Weintraub Photography. Licensed by Waves of Love International - All Rights Reserved

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