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About WOLI


  • One Million “Waves of Love” images shared on WOLI social media platforms via Instagram and Facebook.
  • Millions of hand-written “Waves of Love” postcards sent out by school children to pen pals and people they love.
  • Thousands of individuals and large companies purchasing “Waves of Love” posters and fine art prints and displaying them all around the world.
  • Waves of Love - Music and Fun-Surfing Festival slated for summer 2021

The WOLI Story

The WOLI story started on June 19, 2017, when my teenage son, Jared, presented me with a frame containing three 4” x 6” prints of his photographs for Father’s Day. One of the prints was this incredible image. I immediately hung it over my desk.  It has been hanging there for three years. One day, while I was thinking about how to raise money for the non-profit social impact organization I started -- The Center for Child-Safe Divorce -- I had a vision, and asked him if I could license the image for a fundraising drive. He didn’t hesitate, and said, “sure, Dad.”  

It turned out that the fundraising initiative was diverted by COVID-19, and, while I was initially disappointed, one of my board members, also a close friend, suggested that maybe it wasn't meant to be, and that the image was ultimately supposed to be used for something much more expansive in scope.  Little did we know back then, that the amazing and captivating "heart-centered art" piece wasn’t supposed to be used just for raising awareness and funds for kids caught in the crossfire of divorce-related conflict. It was meant for much, much larger things and would go on to have a greater purpose and impact. It was to help people heal during, and after the new paradigm, which has presented with the onset of global pandemic, as well as the financial, political, environmental, racial and social unrest that exists right now in our country and around our planet.

But this story isn’t just about a young photographer with exceptional talent pursuing his dream, or a man who is passionate about trying to raise awareness and offer resources for kids caught in the chaos of divorce conflict.. This is about helping others heal by sharing and spreading love.  It’s about understanding, and working with, the spiritual laws of attraction in the universe for the purpose of spreading love and healing. It’s about dreams. Both of our dreams. And the dreams of the millions and millions of people suffering right now. Expressing and sharing love shouldn't be reserved for one day a year. It can and should happen every day. We want to reframe the saying “we are all in this together.” We want to replace it with, “It’s all about the love.”  At WOLI, every day is Valentine's Day.  Thank you for sharing our vision and helping us send out healing love to the world.

"Waves of Love" image Copyright © 2020 Jared Weintraub Photography. Licensed by Waves of Love International - All Rights Reserved

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