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The Team


Stuart Weintraub, Founder & Creative Visionary  

Stu Weintraub is a creative visionary, a social impact entrepreneur, and an intuitive shamanic energy healer. His most important role is being the proud Father of Jared, the teenage artist who created the beautiful and powerful "Waves of Love" artwork. As a self-described 'Warrior Peace-Advocate for Kids Caught in the Crossfire of Divorce-Related Conflict', Stu is committed to heart-based entrepreneurship and is the Founder of The Center for Child-Safe Divorce, Home of the Love Before social media movement.

Stu learned that Love is a Verb. It’s not just a word he says, but is demonstrated through the actions he takes. Based on the book, The Five Love Languages, his primary love languages are words of affirmation and gifts. He has always known and embraced the need for love in his life, and as an intuitive and a sensitive soul, he has always felt and seen that un-met need in others, and tried to meet it. So with this, he started WOLI as a way to help others communicate love through words and gifts.

Through a lifelong struggle with a multitude of medical, emotional, mental and spiritual illnesses, Stu has traveled a path from depression, addiction, shame, and low self esteem, to a place of healthy self-love. Along the way, he has come to embrace spiritual principals and practices as a way of life. He has recovered, and now helps others.

When Stu is not overseeing "Waves of Love" art being shipped around the country, he can be found spending time in nature, and supporting Jared with his passion of nature photography. Together, they love to spend time hiking, camping, sailing on San Diego bay, and skiing in the snow-capped Sierra's.

 "One day, I see a huge outdoor stage. I see A-list musicians coming together to sing about love with Jared's artwork behind them. I see people from all racial, political, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds singing and dancing and embracing one another. 53 years ago, The Beatles wrote, "All you need is love." Humbly and respectfully, I'm expounding upon those beautiful lyrics... In these turbulent times of global spiritual awakening and a new paradigm, I believe that it is more inclusive to now sing, 'All we need is Love.'"

Thank you for believing in our vision. Thank you for sending out "Waves of Love."  - Stu


Jared Weintraub, age 21, has been capturing photographs since he was five, and is recognized as an award-winning photographer in San Diego. He has been awarded "Top Teen Photographer For Carlsbad", won first place at a regional photo competition comprised of seven counties in California, has won first-place ribbons at the San Diego County Fair, and has an extensive following on Instagram. He is sponsored by numerous brands including SPY optics, LUME Cube, Bitchin' Sauce, and FYI CBD. His nature photographic art has been featured on dozens of social media properties and websites belonging to some of the nations' top surfers, tourism and adventure travel companies.

Passionately committed to shooting and editing the most vibrant photos, Jared spends hours each week refining his technique and seeking out new locations to shoot. Working with a local professional photo lab that specializes exclusively in printing high end fine-art photography, his work is available on a variety of different mediums including archival photographic paper, metal, acrylic, and canvas. Each piece is signed for authenticity and available for shipment worldwide. 

Jared is a senior at California Polytechnic State University, where he is studying for a degree in business with a minor in photography. He is a 2020 graduate of San Marcos High School, where he was a starting lacrosse player, Knight of the Round table, National Honor Society member, and President of the Photography Club. He still volunteers his time for ReSurf; a 501(c)3 non profit organization that provides underprivileged youth with sustainable surf mentorship programs all over the world. 

When Jared is not photographing, he can be found somewhere in California surfing, mountain biking, bodyboarding, or skiing. His dream is to be a world renowned photographer with his own galleries, and to share his art with as many people as possible by having his work visible and enjoyed worldwide.

“Since I was a young boy, I loved taking trips to the beach. I was mesmerized by the ocean and its energy. As I grew up, I developed a strong bond with the power of waves as well as other natural earth formations. It is my passion and joy, not only to capture these images, but to share them with others. I don’t create art. I just capture the beauty of what already exists”.  -Jared  

"Waves of Love" image Copyright © 2020 Jared Weintraub Photography. Licensed by Waves of Love International - All Rights Reserved

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